• House of Sticks Magnolia Brand Film

    Magnolia Brand Film

    Magnolia wanted a brand film to highlight the differences between their homes and the others on the market. This film explains the unique aspects of the brand. It highlights the key differences and the benefits of their vision. Smaller homes complexes allow for a more intimate experience. Always in the neighborhoods people want to live…

  • House of Sticks video production in Dallas

    Beats by Dre

    Recently we had the opportunity and the direction to make a commercial spot that looked very national. SO we got the team together to make this.

  • Patron Tequila video production Dallas House of Sticks

    Patron Tequila

    A little beauty pouring shots for Patron on spec. These were basically tests to see how super sexy and delicious we could make an inexpensive production look.

  • UX design video by House of Sticks video production Dallas


    UX design at Sabre has come front and center and this is their group talking about why UX is so important.

  • #d animated video by House of Sticks

    Tripcase Apple Watch

    Fully 3D animated video made for the Tripcase App by Sabre.

  • House of Sticks video production for non profits and ministry


    Sometimes you just have to do a video for free. Church at the Cross wanted to tell stories of hope for the Advent season. We were able to get this touching story of adoption from a couple who loves their children very much.

  • Collin Street Bakery v2

    They liked us so much they invited us back for a second go around. This time we made another 4 videos for them.

  • NEXT worldwide video production DFW

    Next Worldwide 10th Anniversary

    AWESOME STORY. Next Worldwide is a missions organization that is dedicated to seeing the next generation of Christians follow the Great Commission. To help participants “Live the Mission”, they have brought together church planting missions and missional leadership training into one life-changing journey that gives people the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to radically transform…

  • video production Collin Street Bakery

    Collin Street Bakery

    Collin Street Bakery video production project was to highlight the quality of the ingredients, the care each baker puts into the dessert and the fact they are all hand made in Corsicana. Thanks Ron for having such a sweet story. In total we made 3 videos for the McNutt boys. I think they liked us….

  • Televison production House of Sticks

    2015 Demo Reel

    Summer 2015 Demo Reel. Looking to keep rocking.

  • Automotive television production

    Sewell TVC

    Truck spots rocking it out. Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, and the Chevrolet 1500. Beautiful truck spots that fit the West Texas look perfectly. Thanks to Josh Pickering for the help on this one. Oh, and Lulu Lemon for helping Josh be a better Josh. IF you want to see more about the production be sure…

  • Corporate event logo animation

    Connect Animated Brand

    Animated logo for the Connect 2015 Corporate engagement. The event is all about connections obviously, so the animation had to follow suit. After Effects and a bunch of patience. Also included is the opening day video. The format is different because the screen is 3:1 aspect ratio.

  • Corporate video production DFW House of Sticks


    This video was done for TTX, Travel and Technology eXchange as the opening video for the conference. The goal was to create an emotional response for the attendants to understand the importance of having a good partner. The aspect ratio of the screen is 3:1 which accounts for the dual 16:9 videos side by side….

  • Demo reel video production company Dallas

    2014 Demo Reel

    This is our work from 2014. Hoping 2015 will be equally as awesome. Thanks @bryanSims

  • Video production for Sports Dallas Fort Worth Nike

    Nike Football Spec

    First of all, everyone knows Widen + Kennedy does all things Nike but I had the opportunity to get Richard Bartel, a former NFL quarterback and an upcoming high school quarterback together, so we made a spec Nike #Findyourgreatness spot. Why not. Football like any other great endeavor has more hard work, dedication and perseverance…

  • Creative video production motion graphics for church

    Camera Snaps

    Grace Bible Church in Dallas wanted some visuals for a sermon series. These videos played one each week before the sermon to set the mood the for preaching.

  • beautiful girl house of sticks houseofsticks creative agency dallas texas

    Sabre Dev Studio

    Sabre’s Dev Studio is a new opportunity the travel technology company is offering to developers to use their information in the form of APIs. This video was intended to be used to show the possibilities of connecting people through the use of Sabre APIs and all the creative way you can use the data.

  • DFW video production GoPro

    Go Pro – Swim Stone Swim

    Go Pro cameras are great. They give you the opportunity to make cool stuff in really normal situations, like the first time swimming with out a floaty. Swim Stone, Swim.

  • Motion Graphics design for Expo Milano

    Expo Milano

    A project that isn’t being used by the client. I figured there were enough cool motion graphics in here to show off. Kind of thrown together but it gives you a good sense of what exactly can be done in After Effects with a little planning.

  • Doritos video production contest entry


    Crash the Superbowl contest entry. With so many submissions, it hard to stand out, but I think we made a good showing. I had a hard time deciding which version I liked the best so they both made the portfolio. At first I didn’t like the one that won the $1,000,000, but it is pretty…

  • Commercial video production for Home Depot

    Home Depot

    Internet commercial highlighting Home Depot’s Soft Spring carpet line, it really is super soft, really soft. They wanted to show a mother and daughter choosing flooring at a time when life was changing… Duh, babies.

  • Technology video for mobile applications

    Sabre Red Mobile Workspace

    Sabre Travel Network needed a video to highlight their new iOS application Sabre Red Mobile Workspace. SRMW is an app that allows travel agents to make and manage bookings from an iPad. The creative direction was to show an agent working in multiple locations throughout the day with disturbance in productivity. Filmed in one afternoon.

  • Comedy 15 sec commercial

    Trident Layers Gum

    Internet commercial for Trident Layers Gum. This one was super fun to make considering I got to throw packages of gum at my friend for half an hour.

  • VFX and visual effects for technology videos

    Magic Custom Offers

    Video for Sabre Travel Network, the world’s largest travel technology company, to showcase their new functionality. Custom Offers allows users of their system to included rich media options in their search options.

  • Film making interviews UX user experience

    User Experience interviews

    Spotlighting the User Experience team (UX) at Sabre Travel Network. Talented people dedicated and passionate about the work that is only seen if its not well done.

  • Texas high school football hype reel LD Bell

    L.D. Bell Football

    The L.D. Bell football program had not beaten Euless Trinity in almost 17 years. I was commissioned to make a hype reel to help in that effort. The streak is now at 18 years. Also included in this project is a logo redesign to reflect the growing number of Polynesian players that were coming to…