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How can video help my startup scale?

Trying to start your own company? Trying to figure weight to increase your sales? Do you just need attention of the Internet? Startup video production can help you grow! If any these questions are relevant to you it sounds like you should really consider the use of a great video.

Now as we’ve known for sometime, there’s no better way to communicate emotion then through the power of video. Movies can produce emotion in people unlike any other medium currently available.

Videos can lead us to laugh, to cry, to become reminiscent, to remind us of something great, to inspire, to make us question. Films, Videos, Movies have then power to manipulate emotions very effectively… and people remember the things that make them feel.

If you have a start up that is focused on the consumer market, one of the best ways you can be remembered or make people want to know more, is to create a great video.

So the question here, really comes down to what is a great video? How do we make people feel? The most simple answer, is a great video is want to get your attention.

No it’s impossible to predict or create something that will be universally excepted. But the best place to start, it’s probably to make something that you really love. This is a talented video creative can come in.

Now most of you at this point you probably seen the dollar shave club video. If not, Google it. That video was created by the guy that standing on the forklift. But as the story goes, his family friend owned a bunch of razors he had purchased via Asia. He didn’t know what to do with them, or how to move 250k razors. So this family friend asked Michael Dubin to help. Voila – Dollar Shave Club… a Billion dollar business.

How much does it cost?

But hold on, this is where people take for granted the “viralness” of the video. Mr. Dubin, wasn’t just a guy tasked with a making a video without any experience. He had spent the previous 8 years at Comedy Central as a creative honing his skills. He was prepared, experienced and capable when the opportunity presented itself. Experience and opportunity met. This story is just as much about creating a video for your organization as it is about choosing the right production partner.

Unfortunately, videos don’t make themselves. Many have tried, but as the internet gets filled with more and more videos created for the sake of video, people grow tired of more content. Have you ever witnessed anyone from the Millennial generation scroll thorough a social media feed. Make your thumbs hurt. Videos that don’t stick. Don’t get played for more than 3 seconds. Period.

So, how much does it cost? You know the video pro who can tell a great story on camera. Unfortunately, It all depends. But it’s safe to say it’s more than you think. A better way to look at video production spend is to view it as an investment, not overhead.

A great video will increase your reach, get more eyes on you and help you accomplish your business goals. Which is what any video production company worth their salt will be aware of and help you accomplish as well. We want it to be good for everyone.

How long does it take?

Like building a house, it takes some time and depending on the project and complexity of the script, we can get it done in a short as 3 days to 6 months. We like to stay on the shorter end of the spectrum though. A good time line with an approved script is about 6 weeks from casting to delivery.

Why work with House of Sticks?

House of Sticks all have experience in the agency or corporate world. We understand your problems, we know how to navigate the waters of difficult and sometime ignorant execs who aren’t creative but fantastic at business.

Let us match our fantastic visuals and solid performances with world class creative from your department or agency. Think of our service as an extension of your business. We want to be strong where you’re not and to help you look like the rock star you know you are. Let us help you.



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