An End to the Fear of Failure

Failure can be a good thing, but at some point if you want to succeed you need to be able to put an end to it and go on the next thing that will scare you.

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Aint nothin to be scared of

Creative people are known for being hardwired differently. However, one way that modern business people view creatives is as their greatest problem solvers. The business owner who needs to take things to the next phase and start improving the website, adding video content, and relying on a quality production team in Texas is likely to understand that creatives are their best tool for success.

However, that same businessperson may not realize that their creatives may be very sensitive about their work. This is something that comes from the kind of heartfelt dedication that most creative people have towards their careers and their creations. However, this sort of sensitive ego is not the same as the sort of ego problem that prevents people from even getting started in a career of choice.

Though we used creative people as the example, anyone who fears failure in a field that they are drawn to must recognize this problem for what it is – a horrible mistake. (Cain, 2014)

The experts will tell you that fear of failure is many things, and they include:

  • It is a manifestation of ego.
  • It is a selfish reaction.
  • It is a sign that the individual cannot take criticism, even when it is positive.
  • It is often a sign that you think either too lowly or too highly of your own work.
  • Immaturity

Now, you may be sitting there thinking something along the lines of “Ouch!” but give this a few moments to sink in because it is an accurate assessment of what causes fear of failure to freeze someone in their tracks.

For instance, do you fear not making the income you need from your creative work? Do you fear that your website design firm or your high quality bakery will fail? Probably not, but you do fear what others will say or what it might mean about your work.

These are natural fears, but they are not enough to prevent you from starting a business or pursuing goals.

So, how do you work around it? One of the most common ways of overcoming fear of failure is to effectively divorce yourself from your work. This is not easy when it is passion about your work that keeps you going and reaching for goals. However, dedication and honest efforts can help you to become less emotional. If you can say to yourself that you did your best, you are no longer at risk for being a failure.

Whether an endeavor is a success or not, dedication to whatever creative energies drive you is a sign of a successful person.

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