Contacts to Clients

A little insight into turning the contact list into paying clients. It’s not easy, but doable.

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People pay the people they want to do business with

Obviously, one of the biggest parts of building a successful business is to get more clients. Its business development and it can feel like you’re stuck in the desert without water sometimes. Without people buying from you, you won’t have a business for very long. So, your goal is to make contacts and get clients in the best possible manner. Reaching out to potential clients have changed extensively from what companies used to do. No longer can you try to strong arm people into buying. No longer can you just sell, sell, sell and treat customers like numbers. Today’s customers expect more. They expect to be treated like real people. They always have, but even more so now. People are better at seeing through the BS since we have been so overwhelmed with it.

In order for people to pay you money, you need to offer them assurances you can come through on the promise you’re making by taking their money.

Take advantage of technology. Look at Banksy. He’s a graffiti artist. Technically he isn’t the most extravagant but he has a HUGE following and he makes really cool stuff and he’s pretty business savvy. Did I mention he is SAAVY? His graffiti sells for upwards of $100,000. Really.

  • Try to build relationships with clients through social media where they will be able to interact directly with your business. Of course you need to make good stuff. Have a unique voice and make content people want.
  • Use storytelling to appeal to the clients and their emotions, building stronger connections as well. If you’re in film production, this is a must. Do it and get good at it. If you’re not in film, learn how to tell a good story.
  • When you get a client, give them more than expected. Keeping an old client happy is cheaper than finding a new one.
  • Be amazing to work with. Many people will go to a business specifically for the experience.
  • Have a killer portfolio. When potential clients need to know why to work with you, you will need to provide them proof. This is all about trust.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. It takes time to establish a connection with clients, and if you give up too soon, then your efforts will be wasted. Give it time and it will work out for you.

Of course, one of the best ways to build a solid client list is to offer the most professional image possible. House of Sticks can help you with this. We offer experienced and truthful assistance with branding, website development, video production and much more. If you are working on building up your business even bigger, remember that you need more clients, and to get them, you have to reach them as people, not just numbers. Follow the advice here and it can make a big difference in the results of your efforts for your company. Heck we just did it for you.

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