Know Why Stories Matter

We all love stories. We were made for stories. We think in story. Why do stories resonate with us so intensely?

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Stories matter

…and Why Your Audience Cares

Have you ever listened to someone telling a story, and found yourself leaning in closer to be sure you don’t miss a word of what they are saying? Most of us can think of at least one instance when we felt as if were literally hanging on the words being spoken.

Now, sometimes, those stories are so captivating because they are cliffhangers that make us want to know how they end, but more often, we lean in and listen hard because something within the tale is really speaking to us.

The stories are more than simply relevant or interesting; these stories are pieces of truth we relate to, even if we don’t realize this in the moment. This is precisely why anyone hoping to take their business to the next level must understand why stories matter, and what their audience really cares about.

it is really all about the truths that your audience can relate to.

As the simplest example, you have started a successful, small business in Texas, and developed an audience eagerly purchasing your products or services. You have only managed to get an amateur website up and running, but you know that you must enhance this DIY website with high quality design, inspiring material, and development that is based on information relevant to the audience.

Some already know you and like your products and/or services, and those who are just finding you should see something more than an amateur, albeit honest, website. What’s the first step? It is identifying your story. Some people like to formalize this idea and call it a mission statement or company vision, but it is really all about the truths that your audience can relate to. This is where creative people are worth their weight in gold. Pay them what they’re worth. Please.

This means that one of the smartest “next steps” you can take to secure the stability and growth of a creative endeavor is to consider how to use inspiring and high quality storytelling to let your audience understand you better. Remember, those stories that have us leaning in to hear more? They are often full of details that show us that there is something more; they show the best parts of us.

The Dallas, Texas bakery that is built on the ideas of the smell and comfort of a grandmother’s kitchen, the repair shop that thinks about the people driving the cars rather than the “bottom line” of fast repairs, or the advisor who wants to offer quality service to ensure families have peaceful relations…they all have stories to tell, and that their audience wants to hear. (Berkowitz, 2014)

When you need to grow your business, turn to a high quality production firm that emphasizes storytelling, dedication, and creative design in order to tell your story properly.

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