Creatives Working in Corporate America

It may end up being a great means to an end. Its not glamorous but it pays the bills.

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Dallas Texas is full of big corporations. Take advantage.

It could be good for you.

Many people feel that working in a corporate setting may prevent them from achieving goals. After all, the corporate world is super competitive, all about teamwork and collaboration rather than personal achievement (generally, speaking), and can be a very political place in which it seems to be more about who you know rather than what you know or what you can do.

However, that is a stereotype of corporate culture, and there is actually a lot that the individual can do to use it for good – their own good as well as for others. It has to begin with a more accurate perspective on corporate America.

Consider the most important benefit that comes from a corporate career (even if you intend it to be temporary) – it is secure and safe. It is an environment that will provide guaranteed and gainful employment in exchange for your dedication, plus it is a setting in which education and training are available, and rewarded. When you are someone in a corporate position, you may find a slew of opportunities for different kinds of training, and any of them may help you to really grow.

Try your best to see the best of every situation. It pays off to have a long term goal, that way you can get more out of your corporate job than just money. Experience and relationships most of all.

It also exposes you to a lot of “insider secrets” that can be used to build your success as an independent at a later time. For example, that excellent manager or division head may show you just how to be the best boss possible in the future. And while you are working alongside or with these excellent bosses, it gives you a chance to befriend them. This is something that needs to be done carefully, but honest networking is going to come in very handy as you begin to do your own thing. Networking is going to be your lifeblood if you ever decide to make the jump to being self-employed. Its all about your story. It matters make it good.

So, you learn how to be a great boss, make lots of valuable contacts, and enhance your training. You also understand that the size of corporations, and their enormous amounts of capital, may be a burden as much as a blessing. After all, the opportunities that they see as “small beans” or not worthy of pursuing may end up aligning you with a rare chance. Corporations may even overlook many amazing opportunities because of their bulky sizes as well, and you can take this as your first step towards independence.

After all, not everyone works in the corporate world forever. Why not use your time there to discover how best to make a corporation your client? Opportunities abound when you are in the corporate world, and you can do yourself (and others) a lot of good when you take the time to look for them, and act on them.

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