red camera production dallas

Does the camera matter?

Does the camera you use really matter to the people watching?

Just use any camera

As a young film maker getting into the commercial video production services world the entry point of emphasis can end up being all about the camera. Videos aren’t made with equipment alone. Media, especially corporate, boring productions can be made from any company with access to rental gear. If you want to really have a broadcast worthy spot made in a town like Dallas, you will have to go find the best talent in Texas. People make watch worthy films. Technology does not matter.

RED camera in Dallas video production

Choosing a video production company in Dallas

There seem to be very few production houses in Dallas that get the call to make really awesome professional stuff on par with major studios. Its not that there is a lack of talent in the Dallas production pool. Its that every photography student who has been training in the DFW area can now take cameras intended for photos and go make a business worthy deliverable suitable for any marketing organization. Production company talent in Dallas or Fort Worth is more than just a guy editing together a string of good looking clips from a DSLR. The planning of the production, the script writing, the crews associated, the lighting, powerful videography (we hate that word), is what makes for a television quality Dallas production.

The house of sticks we built

Our services are more than a RED and some aerial images. Dallas has incredible production crews and many corporate clients who need videos to market and promote their products, services and events. Our team is the best in Dallas, Just ask us. Its a great combination. Dallas to Austin, or to Hollywood production company the talent in the production partner will make all the difference. We’re at Dallas Texas studios, come see us. crm bang bang