Do It for Love Not Money

If you’re doing it for the money, do you really love it? Life’s short, do good work, do what your good at and enjoy life.

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Please Follow your heart not the dollar

Why did you get into what your in? Perhaps more importantly, why did you persist through any struggles as you got started? After all, it means you climbed a few mountains along the way. So, why did you do it? While you might say you wanted to be a success and have money, it is not likely that the money is the true energy behind the work. If you were in it for the money you probably wouldn’t choose creative work.

No, if you are like most successful people, your success came from your passion. Of course, if you are just starting out, you may not have learned this lesson just yet, but it is important. Success does indeed come when there is passion, and when you see beyond the money.

If dollar signs are what guide your every decision, you won’t actually make it for very long. Even if your role models seem to be people who have made pots of money and kept that as their primary goal, you are not seeing them clearly. These are probably people who dedicated a lot of time to developing the kinds of relationships that brought them success. They ran a business, certainly, but they cultivated their networks and they grew their audience.

The hell with the money. Find something you can do well and do it.

Networking and generating an audience are not things that happen when you are only focused on money…it is just common sense. It doesn’t matter if you own a local grocery store, a pet supply shop, a printing business, or any other of the thousands of types of businesses – if you are doing it for money, you are going to struggle. If, instead, you think about your real “story” and start to invest in letting others know about it, you are sure to succeed.

Think of the famous words of graphic designer David Carson: “Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.” (99Design, 2014) Does that sound like someone who was passionless about their work? Were they in it for the money? No, this is a simple expression of his belief in what he did, and how he saw that his daily efforts were actually for the greater good.

When you are guided by this level of passion, your work is honest, beautiful, creative, and inspiring.

Relationships are another manifestation of passion behind business success. You are going to invest in relationships with clients, but also with everyone you consider as part of your team. The people who work with you, the “creatives” you hire to help realize your website and marketing, and everyone who plays any role in running the business – these people are just as important as clients.

Success is often found when you surround yourself with similar people, passionate people. Do whatever you do first for love of it, and then the money will follow.

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