Enjoying the Journey

Slow down. Pump the brakes. Smell the roses. It’s the journey that is the fun part.

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Let’s get first things first

We discussed how important it is to slow down in your marketing endeavors and focus on people in this post. Now, you are likely ready to go and excited to begin production of your video. However, you still need to slow down and focus on the whole process, not just the end result. The movie is not the end all and be all of this marketing endeavor. Yes, it is the final result, but the time and effort you put into it is equally important and certainly deserves your attention.

There is a certain amount of dedication you need to put into a project like this, and if you aren’t truly connected to your idea, you will not be happy with the results. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when it comes to creating a movie for your business marketing endeavors:

  • Stay on Task – Well, most of the time you should stay on task. You should have a clear goal in mind for a beautiful, emotionally though provoking, and honest video. However, you shouldn’t be as stiff as an oak tree, unwilling to deviate when needed. Instead, think of yourself as a willow tree, knowing when to bend with the wind. You will know when to deviate and you will know why and how.
  • Know It Is Ok to Chase Rabbits – Let’s face it. There are so many creative marketing endeavors out there you will get lost in the shuffle if you aren’t willing to let your own creativity flow. Sometimes, going down that rabbit hole will actually lead to a new and unique perspective that will certainly market to people (and remember that people are the most important part of your business.)
  • Don’t Do It on Your Own – Yes, you may save money right now by recording on your iPhone, but what will you lose when it harms your business because you garner an unprofessional reputation? Collaboration efforts and teamwork with a professional service can make all of the difference.

You have to market to people and we have already established that video is a fantastic way to do so. But, don’t rush to that movie. Take your time, show dedication, and develop each step properly. This will result in a much more powerful video.

House of Sticks is here to help you as well. We offer collaboration with you in Dallas and Ft. Worth to create a video that will certainly capture the attention of people.




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