The New Three P’s of Marketing

In most situations you would think it was Product, Price and Promotion. We would like to offer an alternative as it relates to video production.

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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Video production and website development iOS custom builds, heck anything were you are building something from nothing, the key to a successful project is to be prepared. When you know it is time to put together another marketing endeavor, whether it involves a video for Internet sharing, a new website, a mobile app, or anything else, you likely would love to fast forward to the end result. However… don’t do it. Preparation is 90% of the effort (effort is free), and if you don’t prepare properly, you won’t get the end result you want. The good news is there is a team of honest professionals right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we know how important preparation is. House of Sticks. That’s why we focus on collaboration efforts and teamwork to make your marketing endeavors successful.

Why is this concept so important? Let’s face some facts:

  • Ideas won’t just magically come to you. They rarely do this and even when you do come up with an idea at three in the morning, it is going to need work and refining to become the beautiful and professional end result.
  • Don’t just jump at the first idea you have. It will need some work and dedication to become something that actually works.
  • Handling the idea on your own would be a bad idea. You will end up with an unprofessional or amateur image. You need the collaboration of a dedicated team like House of Sticks. We offer video through RED Epic Dragon technology for the best final result, high quality website development, and much more. Most importantly, we are honest and we will work with you to prepare the best marketing model possible.

As you begin focusing more and more on preparation, you will find that you follow a specific process, whether you use collaboration efforts or not. As you know your preparation process, it will become easier and easier to create new marketing plans in the future.

A marketing plan to grow your business will not just pop up out of nowhere. You need to understand the three P’s of marketing: preparation, preparation, and preparation. All in all, how you prepare will have a massive impact on the final result no matter what your plan entails.

When you are ready to start a new endeavor, don’t be afraid to take your time and prepare. And, know the importance of bringing in other professionals for a collaboration effort. This way, you will know that what you present to people will be something that is effective and successful.


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