Esurance Walter White Super Bowl

Thank you Esurance for bringing back Walter White! You have made my year of commercial awesomeness. This is a great example of celebrity use of character.

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Esurance Super Bowl Commercial: Walter White ‘Sorta Pharmacist’

First of all let me start by saying, this year’s Super Bowl was awesome! Congratulations to the New England Patriots even though we were routing for the Seattle Seahawks. One of the best Super Bowls I can remember. At Super Bowl kickoff time I was very excited to see what the world of advertising would cook up. There were 2 that really stuck out. My favorite and closest to my heart… Walter White quotes his most famous line for esurance. Well done. I can’t believe I got so excited to see it. In case you haven’t, you can check out the extended version here, which is even better than the one that aired live.

Breaking Bad Season 6 – still alive

This is a perfect use of whatever money Esurance had to pay Bryan Cranston. I’m sure its was a lot and I’m equally sure Mr. Cranston was happy to don the respirator and yellow hazmat suit once again. Pulling on of the most famous lines which so perfectly embodies Walter White. “Say my name”.

Say my name – Heisenberg

If you’re looking for the cited episode to Breaking Bad season 5’s “Say my name”, look no further. See it here at Sony Pictures channel.

Well done all around, which is exactly why stories matter. See here. The Esurance ad agency is none other than Leo Burnett. Well done.

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