God Given Gifts Should be Used

You were given them for a reason. Use your gifts. Chances are you are the only one with your combination of talents. Do something with it.

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You have the gifts for a reason

We are each the recipient of God given gifts. That friend who has the most amazing garden or the relative who seems to always keep a home that is the essence of comfort and style…they can do these things because these things are their God given gifts. Everyone you meet is going to be good at something because of this, and that means that you too must have a set of these same gifts.

The question is: Are you using them?

Are you using the things that make you unique? Now, that might make some worry that we are not supposed to “use” these gifts, but this would mean that there is no purpose to them. There is a purpose for your God given gifts, which we can also describe as your natural talents. Your natural talents are the things that make your heart sing as you do them.

For instance, you may be someone working in website design in Texas, and you just cannot wait to get to work each day. You may have found that website work or video production was the easiest and most pleasant thing to do, and it is this way because you were uniquely made to do it. We do what we do because we love it. We literally don’t want to be doing anything else.

Ask almost anyone who is an expert at what they do, and it is likely that they, too, would describe their daily work in the same ways. Whether a famous movie director, a creative type, a person in administration, a volunteer, each would say that what they are good at comes naturally.

Of course, we cannot overlook that, in having “a design that matters” (Brennfleck, 2014), we are also part of a larger “whole”. We never exist independently of those around us, even though it may sometimes feel as if we are operating in a disjointed modern world. The work you do, the gifts you put to use in doing that work, will also benefit you whenever teamwork or collaboration is required. These gifts will shine through and be inspiring to others.

Think about great artists like DaVinci, and how so many others have copied his works in order to strengthen their own craft. DaVinci, too, did the very same thing. Yes, among his God given gifts were skills with a pencil and paint brush, but he didn’t just grab up a pencil and sketch masterworks. He turned to others who used and shared those gifts.

Find your God given gifts, whether they are creative, inspiring, managerial, or anything else. Use them to shape your path, and create a future in which you will have no regrets or worries that you did not follow your heart.

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