Work Your Talent

In order to be efficient, you need know what you’re good at and then have the courage to give what you’re not to someone else.

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Success can feel elusive

…but often it is due to a few simple issues. Those who are working as freelancers or those who own and operate their own businesses may already know that there are a lot of demands on them that can interfere with their goals. That is a key issue to consider, and shows that success may be out of reach because you haven’t considered a bit of collaboration or teamwork.

Let’s just begin this discussion by stating a simple fact or two. The first is that you must be good at something since you are working independently or running an established business. You are obviously ready to use dedication towards the development of this skill or craft, but there are a few weak spots that are preventing you from reaching goals.

No one is everything to all people, so you cannot expect this of yourself. Jack of all trades, master of none can end up hungry.

The first thing you need to realize is that whatever it is that you are doing, you now have to be better at it. Are you working as a website design expert, filmmaker or cinematographer, or some other sort of enterprise in Texas? If so, how can you begin to be one of the very best at it in the Dallas or Fort Worth area? There is just too much to consider when running your own business. In fact, running a business normally gets in the way of working for the business (doing what you love).

“Wait,” you say, “You just said that running a business can interfere with this…how am I supposed to be better at my craft or skill?”

The answer is to work in your talent, and then hire your weakness. Success is hiding in your talent, when you know who you are and what gifts or talents you have, you must direct your creative energy in this direction. Then you must use collaboration or teamwork to fill the gaps. Even if its hard. Do it. Keeping control of the money is good, but counting it all the time isn’t. Hire an accountant.

Yes, it may mean that you are admitting to being a, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” but that is okay. No one is everything to all people, so you cannot expect this of yourself. However, you can expect yourself to strive towards high quality performance, an honest admission that you are lousy at some parts of your business, and yet willing to use collaboration to make things work.

Many people just like you have discovered that there is always someone out there who really loves what they hate to do or just cannot do well. The key to success is working in your talent and taking a bit of time now to find the people who love what you just cannot, and then use teamwork for your success.

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