Make Movies, Watch Movies

All the best people in the film industry make it a habit of watching a bunch of movies. They don’t watch them just to view them, they are intentional with their viewing. This is a very high level of what can be gained from a business perspective about watching movies and commercials in order to make them later.

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Watch films intentionally

Have you ever heard anyone say they decided to play baseball without watching a single game? Or, have you ever heard someone say they want to be a writer even though they have never picked up a book? Most certainly not! The main way to become successful at anything is to watch others. You can learn what works and what doesn’t, what will get the most attention and what will not. So, if you want to make movies or make commercials to market your business, then you need to watch movies and commercials.

You cannot just jump behind a camera, work as your own director, director of photography, and cinematographer all in one without any idea of what you are doing. You won’t make a movie that works. So, before you do anything else, take the time to watch movies. Don’t be afraid to look up the competition and find out what they are doing. There’s a reason why their movies do or do not work, so learn. Soak up every bit of knowledge you can so that you can make a film that will do its best to connect with people.

If you have a business in the DFW area, then you probably know you have some competition either online or in brick and mortar stores. Texas isn’t LA but it is a fast growing market for film production. Don’t look at other film makers as just the enemies. Look to them as a learning experience. Watch their movies and pick up on things that you can use in your own. There are a bunch of assets out there for you to learn by. If you are looking for someone to break down films and director’s styles no further than Every shot a painting by Tony Zhou. He’s really good.

You will quickly see a few things: movies should be storytelling to capture the attention of viewers. They should be inspiring and truthful. They should be powerful. They should be intentional. If they are corporate films, they should not just talk about your business. That’s boring and will not be very popular, they need to be well crafted and emotive.

What’s the biggest lesson you will learn from watching other movies? You cannot do it all on your own. You will find out very quickly that the successful marketing movies other businesses have made are collaborative efforts between the business itself and a talent group of people that make professional quality stuff.

So, where can you turn? House of Sticks in the answer. We are skilled in cinematography so that we can get started telling your story. We use the best filming equipment, including RED Epic Dragon, to ensure your movies look their very best. And, we are here to help you in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. All that you need to do is contact us so that we can get started telling your story.


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