Replacing the Campfire

Story telling is essential to our lives. If you didn’t realize it, you are reading stories all day every day. Paying attention to what people are saying can be eye-opening.

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Stories are the life blood of relationship

Once upon a time, we sat around a campfire and told stories. Sometimes, they were heartwarming. Sometimes, they were scary. At times, they were truthful and then sometimes they were not. No matter the case, we used these stories to capture the attention of the listeners. We have moved beyond the campfire into the modern age now, and that means telling stories in a different way.

Thanks to the digital age, people can communicate even from thousands of miles away through text messaging, emails, video chats, instant messaging, etc. Does that mean the end of the story telling age, though? Most certainly not! It means the way stories are told is different.

Storytelling is a pastime, but it serves a purpose as well. It is one of the strongest ways you can connect with your audience whether that audience is made of customers, potential customers, or people who may just talk about your business.

People want their emotions played on. They want drama, humor, sweetness, etc. That’s what they look for and that’s what you must remember in order to connect with them. Think about it. It’s why we love sports. It’s a story from front to back compressed into a few hours. You get to choose the villain and the hero. Sometimes its a victory, sometimes its a tragedy.

It’s the bottom of the ninth in the last playoff game before the World Series. The team is down 3 to 2. If they don’t get a run, then they lose out on their chance to become champions. The power batter is up. Everyone is glued to their screen, too riveted to turn away. The best game is one with drama and people love that live drama.

And it is important to remember this for your business. For you, storytelling is not just a pastime. It is an opportunity to connect directly with your viewers. When you create that campfire tale through video, you will be able to elicit the emotions needed to build an audience, and therefore, a customer base.

Everyone has a story. That includes every business. However, not everyone is able to tell that story and if you haven’t been able to so far, don’t worry. House of Sticks is here to help you. We know storytelling and we can collaborate with your business in Dallas or Fort Worth to create a film that connects with your viewers. Contact us and we can help you. You already know what your story is. Now, you just need to know how to get that story out there.

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