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We are House of Sticks

We make work with some of the world's biggest brands to make high-quality video assets for advertising, promotions and events. We are passionate about creating the best product we can. We can take your idea from concept to delivery... from and idea in your head to the screen for everyone to see. We are a FULL SERVICE VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY and we love every minute of it.

A digital one-stop shop so you can go to ONE group of professionals to handle all of your creative video needs. (Save yourself the frustration of running around to different freelancers, handling multiple invoices and RFPs!) At House of Sticks you're getting the best production company in Dallas to work directly with your company. You’ll have smooth projects and the benefit of the same high-quality professionalism of a single team who makes sure every graphic, video and line of copy works together so you, your supervisors and your customers all see one product. Our portfolio and services speak for themselves. We will passionately pursue excellence and push the creative bounds of each video we make to make something better than you imagined.

The power of one

We don’t make things that last, but we make one hell of an impression. Guaranteed, when you work with us you will get the highest quality product with a team working as a single partner across all projects. You interact with one group to get all of the media you need. So whether your a small company trying to make a big splash or a big brand looking for something fresh, we're your huckleberries. Apparently success breeds success and keeping your word carries some weight.


What we do

  • Ideation, Brainstorming, Concepting
  • Script writing, copy writing
  • Storyboarding and shot lists
  • Casting, Location scouting and scheduling
  • Finding the crew
  • Renting all the equipment
  • Carrying the insurance
  • Shooting, Lighting
  • Editing
  • Sound, Color and Final Mix
  • Delivery

Our latest work

  • House of Sticks Television Commercial Production Company

    Texas Rangers Moonshot

    Featured HoS produced Video

  • Chris Reeve Knives

    Featured HoS produced Video

  • Beats by Dre

    Featured HoS produced Video

  • Vett Effect

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • TX Whiskey

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • Patrón Tequila

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • UX design video by House of Sticks

    Sabre UX

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • House of Sticks automotive commercial video production

    Mercedes Benz

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • Automotive television production

    Sewell Trucks

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • Boy Scouts of America House of Sticks video production

    Boys Scouts of America

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • House of Sticks video production company architectural photos Dallas

    Magnolia Property Company

    HoS produced Video

  • Trident Layers Gum

    Commercial HoS produced Video