The Formula for Success = Preparation + Timing

Defining success is important but knowing how to arrive is a close second. Being prepared for the opportunity is key.

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Get ready because opportunity waits for no one

What is success? That’s a good question. Likely, everyone who reads this will have a different answer. That’s because the very word success can mean something completely unique from one person to the next. It may be having enough money to do what you want. It may be to find yourself in a position to help others whenever you want. It may be to have a family. Success means something to each of us.

However, no matter what you may think it means, it follows the same formula from one person to the next: success = preparation and timing. In other words, you have to prepare for it, and that means taking an idea and actually working on making it a reality. Then, you have to be completely ready when success comes knocking. If you aren’t ready, then it may pass you by.

So, how do you prepare? It all starts with coming up with your very own definition of success. What do you want to accomplish? What matters most to you? At what point would you say you are successful? Following this pattern of questioning will work for every aspect of your life and business from the big to the small. For example, if you are getting ready to start a new marketing endeavor, at what point would you say it is successful? This could be measured by amount of traffic to your new website development or the number of hits on a YouTube video or even the number of new followers on Facebook. No matter what, naming what success is to you will help you in preparation.

Timing matters too and if you are not prepared when the right moment comes along, you may not be able to handle success, especially with your business. For example, let’s say you create a professional video and put it up on social media. Then, it goes viral. Suddenly, your business in Dallas or Fort Worth is booming and you don’t have the inventory or manpower to handle it. Or, what if you have the opportunity to go global, but you aren’t ready? Suddenly, you start losing customers because you cannot accommodate them. This is why preparation is so very important.

One of the easiest ways to get prepared for the right timing is collaboration with a professional, like House of Sticks. We can help you through our dedication to doing things right, and we are ready to get together with you and see your idea of success to fruition.


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