Finding Collaboration and Teamwork

Being on the right team is going to be your best way forward. Finding the team that is going to offer the best symbiotic relationship is a different story.

Even the Lone Ranger has Tonto

We hear people described as “self-made”, but that is an utterly ridiculous claim. For one thing it dismisses the simple fact that whatever talents or skills they put to use in becoming successful are God given gifts, and not self-made talents. Secondly, no one can succeed without clients, colleagues, and others. This also demonstrates that the idea of being self-made is a silly one. Why would you want to?

This proves that one of the more important and honest things that anyone can do when growing or starting a business of any type is to consider the sort of people they will need to find and hire. You don’t have to view the development of your business or the growth of your freelance career as in need of employees, but you do have to, “hire your weakness,” or use teamwork to succeed.

Naturally, you should not hire just anyone willing to partner with you. You need to recognize that everyone has God given gifts, and so you must care about the things that God cares about. In other words, use honest consideration when searching for people to hire.

Knowing your strengths and being humble about it is going to get you a long ways towards attracting people to your team.

Friends? Nope, not a good idea. Friends are not usually the best co-workers, but they can supply you with names and contacts that will probably pan out well. Consider those who are on the perimeters of your social circles, or make new friends through networking. These are the best pools of candidates as you have recognized your needs, learned about their skills, and discovered that you will get along well.

Naturally, you must use formal business protocols that protect everyone involved. Respect for your needs and their needs will be a sort of baseline behavior and the nature of healthy collaboration. (Leek, 2013) However, never lose sight of the fact that people matter more than work, so treat everyone with honesty and you will be astonished at the results.

As an example, you might be working in high quality video production in Texas, but realize you are not an ideal director or cinematographer. Use friends and networking towards the development of a collaboration with someone offering the skills you need. Be honest and clear about expectations and budgets, and show your dedication to your success and theirs and you will have the foundation of success.

It is not easy to find the best people for collaboration or teamwork, but when you do it with an honest desire to put everyone’s God given gifts to work for a fair and honest price, it is usually a success.

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