Keep On Keeping On

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, but you have to make sure the rest of the steps happen to make sure you get there.

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Perseverance as a Key to Success

The late musical star Michael Jackson had a hit tune that included the lyrics, “Don’t stop ‘til you get enough,” and this is actually excellent advice for those who are looking to take their business to the next level. Those are also excellent words of advice for those who are feeling that things are growing or proceeding as quickly or successfully as they would like.

Now, it may sound like a lecture, but there is a serious need to pose a simple question at such times: Did you make a business plan?

This is not because the business plan itself is going to ensure success, but it does help even the most disciplined among us remain on schedule. A business plan can be meant for your eyes only and to work as a well designed roadmap towards success. It can plot out, in many different stages, the growth and direction of the business or even the career. It is a wonderful tool to keep yourself on a fixed budget and schedule.

Yes, it takes dedication and patience to stick with a plan, but it is also the only honest way to grow your Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas business. And what of the times when you are on track with your schedule, but things are still unsatisfactory?

Firstly, let’s just remember that old adage about Rome not being built in a day. Consider what it takes for a freelancer to establish themselves or for someone to simply get started making something of their own. It could be just ten minutes a day towards their goals, and that means it will take time to get from the proverbial “point A” to “point B” or far beyond (is there a “point Z”?).

Also remember that many successful athletes and even successful farmers share a common experience: the need to get up and try again. No matter how difficult, if you just keep on keeping on, and do so every day, you will see progress. Yes, it may feel like a glacial pace, but dedication is always going to bring rewards. Its the small, daily steps that result in real progress being made. Not a sprint, think marathon. IN the mean time, do good work at all costs.

Finally, don’t forget a major tip from some of the world’s greatest success stories: have a good workspace. Note that it says “good” and not pristine or even tidy. If you look at photos of Steve Jobs’, Albert Einstein’s or Mark Twain’s desks, you’ll see clutter, but you’ll also see method to their “madness”. (Medium, 2013) Make your workspace inspiring for you to inhabit. It will be the place you find yourself when faced with challenges, so make it your own and let it be an honest reflection of your needs and creative energy.

Don’t give up until you have succeeded, until you get enough of your dreams. It is possible; it just takes time, honest dedication, teamwork and collaboration, and the development of attainable goals.

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