Production promotion on stage

Product Price and Promotion in video

Marketing a product

In most cases you would think marketing would come down to product price and promotion. Well for video production we would like to offer an alternative. Planning, Planning, Planning. Having a healthy mix of strategies is good for most advertising methods, but if you really want a high quality brand building placement – an outstanding marketing video is going to give your product a place at the top of the list. Only problem is, you can not have a video your business will benefit from without hours and hours of planning. Marketing is mix of promotional non-sense at times. The strategy we have found most affective is to market your products or items or services with major benefits that simply highlight the benefits. Simple stupid, I know.

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More than decisions

Price, promotion and place have function in marketing a product, but the decision the customer needs to make is much more than pricing. Its a mix of need plus price. The trick is to make someone feel a need they didn’t know they had. Its promotion at the time of need. Important as the p’s are, marketing’s best entrepreneurs have been able to capitalize on the target by making the barrier to entry possible by offering the highest emotional appeal. This is best done with a marketing video. Guaranteed. Pricing at that point doesn’t matter. The emotional appeal of the product will trump the price. Be firm. Mix it up. Place a video at the top of your marketing cost, for boudless distribution to the hearts of prospects. Planning is key. Not product, price and promotion.