a good video production team

Making projects for the good of the team.

A Good team is an investment

If you’re in the production business of any sort, having a good team is going to be essential to your success. Creating a quality product is no easy task. Building winning roles for your company members is tricky. However, your production team is going to be the most valuable asset you have at your disposal. The company process is going to be your strongest ally, and the talented people surrounding projects are going to be the source of inspiration and provide the ability for great accomplishment. Therefore try to think of the team, not in terms of overhead but something that should be invested in. Therefore, spending money on things that will raise the reputation of the members of your team individually is a win for the team as a whole. Its very much a “Protect this house” mentality. So give some consideration to the tackling projects that may require a little less profit for the company (even an expense) in order to raise the level of opportunity your entire production house. This is especially true video production, because it is such a team sport when you get to the high-end production. A good project that may cost you money to produce at the beginning, may actually end up catching the attention of other clients that could become partners in the future.

There’s a good quote that says the following, “A rising tide raises all ships.” The point being if you can attach and attribute success of a project to the individuals on the team, everybody benefits. Video production, is essentially the same as any other team sport. Win a championship, and all of a sudden the starters end up with the possibility of coming superstars. Success sticks when it comes to the official award.

The catch 22 of experience in video production

However, the problem with any sort of creative business whether it be website design, mobile application development or video production is no client is going to entrust your company to accomplish their media needs, unless you have a team that has actually had previous success with a similar project. Its a silly catch 22. The production house that gets the job can only get it if they have done it previously, but you can’t create the media or film unless you get the job. Development answer: Go do it yourself. Stick to it. Figure it out. Filmmaking, motion camera work, producer roles aren’t difficult to learn. Make it official, get some production business cards, figure out the process and film something great. So if you’re looking to make high-end television broadcast worthy commercial video productions, the only way to accomplish the task is to make something really high-quality and worthy of television broadcast. If you’re looking for a way to get more high profile, higher-paying, more lucrative, more exciting, sexier productions, consider the possibility of making something without a client first. The media production world is silly. Its official.

A rising tide, raises all ships.

Now you’re going to say, “Sure I’d love to make a production, get vimeo pick of the week, pay for all the jobs on set, meet filmmaking nirvana and do it all inhouse… but I’m not made of gold here”. Yes, its expensive. So you have one of two choices with any sort of high-end video production project. Know somebody, or stick to the plan and figure out how to pay for it. There is a significant amount of people planning and execution that requires expensive gear in order to make an expensive high-quality video. Maybe you can find a production house sugar daddy, or a rich man named Bryan who will stick out his neck for you, or become a youtube star.

Paying for expensive decisions

If you actually make the decision to move forward with an expensive production and you want to fund it yourself, considering getting feedback from knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals first. High-end video productions get scrutinized very heavily not only by clients but also by the watchful eye of people in the video production house world. From our experience people who are going to buy your services as a creative professional are looking for one of three things:
1. Quality of the work
2. Quality of the vision
3. The ability to stand budget

If you’re an individual, the quality of the vision is essentially your style as a director, so make sure you have a good crew behind you, a fantastic director of photography and all the other producers that are essential to pulling off a high-level world-class production.

Still camera motion picture at house of sticks

House of Sticks is a video production company in Dallas that focuses on creating high quality world class productions for world renowned brands internationally. We are always looking for experienced and talented individuals who can pull off a high-quality vision and essentially make a client happy. Always keep in mind the client is going to be one person at the company who is responsible for the project / budget. Making that person look like a rockstar is going to be the key to success for many more projects in the future. Good projects don’t only come out of Los Angeles. Our productions and post production work will make you want to light incense, eat a popsicle and get comfy, cause we take all the stress out. We don’t play games. Just check out our work.

Corporate videos, fire drills because you need something now, or a requirement for primitive technology, we can work something out. Get a hold of us today. Our crew is the best.

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