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It’s not uncommon for clients from all over, including Dallas, contact us and request a quote for a video. Most of the time the request comes for a corporate marketing video. Most of the time the marketing department making the request for media asks for some type of training video. In this case training is defined as anything educational. Of course, we return the price as quick as humanly possible. Most of the time with little, limited, or no understanding of the total scope of the work. All of the time we understand that scope of work will change dramatically during the project. The situation is never the fault of the person asking, its always the problem of the company leadership. The corporate is built to please your boss and on up the ladder. Problem is, no one typically does full service to their jobs by standing up for what they were hired to do, so as the project goes up the ladder, more people to please, more stuff changes. Our productions are typically incredibly put off schedule because of scope creep. The Dallas company culture, and anywhere else for that matter, is one of hierarchy. Everyone has a boss and all they want to do it please them. Full disclosure, the videos we want to make, the productions we want to be a part of end up getting turned into the typical marketing video.

As much as a great video production company can help you look like an all-star, like the majority the media and films we produce, a bad video can make you look as equally JV.

Partner companies for the event

This makes absolutely NO sense. Corporate productions should be the best in the world since companies in Dallas Texas especially, have more money to make films worthy of any Hollywood studios. So whats the hold up? Trust. Our lack of understanding doesn’t come from an inability to ask the right questions but from the clients misunderstanding of what is needed to make a video at such high-quality. We need partners. We are looking for good corporate collaborators. Our services are only good, if the media we are allowed to produce can be seen. It can only bee seen if we can understand what the company and business goals are. We are good at what we do. We know you are good at what you do. Our services plus your full on knowledge of what your boss wants can equal you looking like a production rock star. Dallas is an interesting place to be a video production company. The best projects are from LA and NYC. But, thats because the Ad Agencies that have the trust of the marketing departments are in Los Angeles and New York.

We live in a city, Dallas, where a production company can literally be one man with a camera. Most of the time thats the case. We don’t play like that. For us, gone are the days of making cheap one man band videos. Simply pul, that’s not the video production game we want to play.

Dallas Video Production Company and talent

Our goal, our sweet spot, and our wheelhouse is producing high-quality videos, worthy of the world’s most renowned brands. That’s exactly where we want to be and exactly where we want to play. However, as you may have heard, there are “projects for a meal and projects for the reel”. Not all videos are equal and we know when the services we were hired to create flip sides. Some projects are just about making profit. While others can be about putting your heart and soul into and try to squeeze out diamonds. So when we get a client asking for a price, typically we know the services they want are less about quality and more about price. Sure, every client is going to be price savvy. Everybody is works on a budget. However, the game we have understood over the years of creative video production is that all productions are not alike. Each film has a leading product in mind. Meaning, every business professional from Hong Kong to Seattle has a little video playing in their head. The talent comes in seeing what that video is and being talented enough to make it better than they imagined. Unfortunately, since the democratization of the DSLR camera, anybody with an extra $500 can be a video production company.

You’ve heard before the picture can be worth 1000 words. But understand in the age of social media, there are so many pictures. So many videos. And so many images for you to download sift through, we have become image overloaded. The perceived value of images become cheaper and cheaper. Now, images no longer tell stories, images have been relegated to only be a necessity for the sake of YouTube or Google. The true value of a good image is one that tells a very simple story very quickly. Everybody wants to be entertained. Everybody wants to have their emotions tickled. And video continues to be the most effective way to accomplish that task. However, if you are first in foremost the shopping price. You run the risk of limiting your ability to find a talented person I can tell a good story with videos one image. And even more so the story you want tell. Good thing, House of Sticks is in Dallas. Full service right here in the heart of Texas.

These productions are in Texas

So understand, when you are primarily shopping price from a video production company, understand, the old saying you get what you pay for, is very accurate. Talented experienced people who can accomplish what you are really looking for with a video, costs money. These production companies understand the value of a good team. The necessity for proper planning. And are able to meet the clients needs.

So if you get a price back from us that you don’t like because you think its too high, I understand, we want to be based on our talent and we want to be partners with clients because you respect our talent, not necessarily because the price is right. What’s the deal with the magical $5000.

House of sticks is a high-quality, hand, experienced production company in Dallas. We make brand films, worthy of being on any world-renowned brands identity. If you’re looking for the best video production company, you found it.

Specializing in professional video. House of Sticks in Texas, Dallas / Fort Worth, the production company you want to work with. Go Dallas. We do post too. No Oil. Production Production Production.